Bariloche & Villa La Angostura

Bariloche & Villa La Angostura

Discover Bariloche & Villa La Angostura

Bariloche represents the good life in the Argentinean consciousness. With stunning natural scenery and fine cuisine, it’s a winter and summer playground for vacationing Argentines, Bariloche is blessed with a strategic geographic position. With the rugged plains of the Patagonian Steppe to the east, the towering snowy peaks of the Andes to the west, and the glistening and grande Nahuel Huapi Lake in front, opportunities for adventure are abundant.

Even if you’re not much of an adventurer, you’ll still find plenty of pleasant sightseeing tours, boat trips, boutiques, driving excursions, and fine dining to keep you busy. Or just park yourself wherever the view is good and soak it all in.

80 kms away, Villa la Angostura it’s becoming somewhat of a jet-set stop in Patagonia; its cottages are owned by a “who’s who” of Portenos. Villa la Angostura has plenty of coast line along the north shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake for sailing, fishing, swimming, and sunning. The sweet main street is tidy and quaint, with good shops and some excellent restaurants. The eastern suburb of Bahia Manzano has a collection of cozy wooden lodges that hug the shore.

Experience This!

Rent a car and drive the amazing Seven Lakes Road from Bariloche to San Martin de los Andes.

Pamper yourself in the one of a kind Llao Llao Luxury Resort.

Try the amazing Food at Tinto Bistro ( owned by the brother of Máxima, The Argentinean Princess of the Netherlands).

Check the Arrayanes Woods where Walt Disney was inspired to create his most lovely creature, Bambi.

Sail the Nahuel Huapi Lake and Check the Beauty of Isla Victoria.

Unique Experiences

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