Blest Port Sailing Tour

Blest Port Sailing Tour

Blest Port Sailing Tour

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One of our most beautiful lake tours, sailing the Andes, almost up to the border with Chile. Puerto Blest is like the sceneries of a nice dream: perfectly beautiful, almost unreal.

To reach this charming pier, visitors must leave from Puerto Pañuelo (Handkerchief Harbor), on the Llao Llao Peninsula, and sail along the narrow long Blest arm. The entrance to this area of Lake Nahuel Huapi is surveilled by Mounts Capilla and Millaqueo, as well as by isla Centinela (Sentry Island), where the grave of expert Francisco. P Moreno, creator of the national parks, is located.

From the beginning of the tour, the leafy cypress and coihue forests surrounding the Huapi and the large mountains that make up the Andes Mountain Range may be appreciated. Shortly after entering the arm, the tour comes across islas Mellizas (Twin Islands) and, very close to them, lies the deepest point in the lake ever measured: 454 meters. The boat passes by playa de las Arañas (Spiders Beach) and cascada Blanca (White Cascade) before entering Blest Bay. After one hour of quiet navigation, Port Cántaro is reached amidst the Valdivian Forest. This is one of the rainiest places in the country, with 4,000 mm of annual rainfall over its large trees, such as coihues and alerces, and over an understorey covered by lower bushes, lianas and creepers. The humid atmosphere of this environment fosters the growth of herbs, moss and fungi, which complete the evergreen landscape.

A leafy trail opens up here and invites visitors to walk up to Los Cántaros Lagoon, where there is a cascade and Port Blest can be seen on the opposite shore.

An inn and an interpretation center operate in this place, starting point to reach the Pérez Rosales International Pass.

The thick forests of palo santo and giant ancient alerces preside over this place of matchless beauty.

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