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Incentive Trips

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Planning and organization of incentive trips both locally and internationally.

This is a marketing tool which objective is to motivate employees, clients and/or partners of your company. Through various highly-thought of actions implemented from the launching through the trip award, the incentive campaign motivates participants to achieve pre-established objectives and goals, who receive a prize as a token of recognition.

It has been documented that an incentive trip award and its side activities has a positive feedback of up to 12 years once accomplished, that is to say, the positive memory of this type of prize is alive in the mind of the awarded for a long time. This return on the experience is not achieved by any other type of award or benefit. It is in this way demonstrated that the incentive trips and activities are the best kind of rewards both for employees and clients.

This endomarketing effort collects all-excellent results from the employees and clients who participated in the campaign, generating an increase in productivity, sales and invoicing as well as a positive image for the company. Results are always extraordinary!
Among the various benefits that an incentive trip generates, we highlight:

Foster the involvement of participants to exceed the established sales goals or generate and increase the use of a product or service.

Create awareness on the importance of training and constant updating of the sales force to assure the increase of the sales results.

Reinforcement of the product brand and the image of the company.

Client loyalty.

We firmly believe in incentive and motivation as the perfect tools to achieve pre-established goals and generate teamwork and loyalty in a work force.

Events, Congress and Fairs

Overall organization of fairs, congresses and exhibitions all around Argentina.

We elaborate a detailed and efficient plan to determine the steps to be followed in each event, such as the selection of the destination and venue, work schedule, marketing and promotion, data bases, printing and publications, development of web pages and mailing, function room allocation, decoration, logistics, technical equipment, interpreters, merchandising, identifications, press, etc.

Apart from the integral organization of congresses and exhibitions all around Argentina, we offer overall services such as enrolments and the management of exhibitors and sponsors.

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