Quebrada de Humahuaca

The Ultimate Insiders Guide

Florería Atlantico The very reason travelers even know the Retiro neighborhood, Florería Atlántico is a stylish gastro-bar offering the feel of a classic bodega masked behind a quintessential flower shop. The speakeasy bar admittedly uses its flower shop as a charming disguise, luring some of the city’s hippest drinkers and late-night diners to a cavernous space of pop-art murals, mixology bar and bistro-style dining room that’s a hit. THE FOOD A bodega menu of small plate specialties include classic dishes from frog legs and beef tongue to blood sausage and grilled

Orilla Orilla is the newest property from world famous restaurateur Fernando Trocca. Located below the Hotel Urbanica in Buenos Aires's Bajo Belgrano neighborhood, the concept is to offer a very approachable menu, with dishes that are familiar but prepared with the best ingredients and to the highest standards. The space is open and un-fussy, a study in simple wood surfaces, subtle colors, and satisfyingly smooth textures. Tables are arranged in a perimeter around the open kitchen, allowing every guest a glimpse into the energetic heart and soul of the

South American splendor A delirious romp through Argentina's most beautiful and exceptional interiors Argentina considers itself the most European of South American countries, and with good reason. The Argentinians have a strong connection to the old world; their achievements in design, filmmaking, literature, music, and art place them firmly in today's global culture spotlight.When it comes to decorating, they have a great talent for bringing together the old and the new, with subtle touches of color and rich textiles, and incorporating the country's beautiful landscapes in their architectural palette. Editor

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