Punta del Este

Punta del Este

Discover Punta del Este

In the last few years, the action has moved east about seven miles to La Barra, a late-night party town filled with trendy restaurants, casinos, and clubs, and to José Ignacio, which has evolved into arguably the chicest spot in Latin America, favored by jet-setters from around the world.

Many in the resort-hopping fashion set have bought up choice estancias.Locals and Visitors loves the level of understated sophistication, particularly in José Ignacio. The land is wide and open, with rolling hills, stands of eucalyptus and pine, and an earthiness that recalls a lonely gaucho. The people are a sexy blend of rich elite and surfing hostel; think Blue Crush meets LifeStyles of the Rich and Famous. The streets of La Barra are lined with B & B’s, unique shops, great cafes, delicious restaurants and rocking bars. The season is unbelievable short. Basically it’s how many days are you coming before New Year’s and how many days are you staying after.

Experience This!

Punta del Este is one of those places where a car is a MUST.

You NEED to try the Lamb at Super chic yet Casual Marismo Restaurant in José Ignacio.

Go to Tequila Discoteque, Punta's Hottest and most luxurious nightclub but remember that Action starts after 2 AM.

Have lunch at La Huella and enjoy some of the finest people watching worldwide!.

Watch the Sunset in La Mansa Beach at José Ignacio.

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