Minitrekking Over Perito Moreno Glacier

Minitrekking Over Perito Moreno Glacier

Minitrekking Over Perito Moreno Glacier

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Pick up from the hotel for transfer to the national park Los Glaciares. The activity begins at the harbor named “Bajo de las Sombras” (7 km away from the glacier viewpoint). There we get on a boat to cross the lake Rico and reach the opposite shore after a 20 minute´ sailing sightseeing the south wall of Perito Moreno glacier. We get off the boat and walk toward the shelter where the guides will explain the development of the activity. We start a 20 minute hiking along the lake shore up to the glacier. At the border of the ice, guides will put on the crampons for the participants and provide explanations about basic techniques to walk on ice. The walking time over the glacier is about 2 hours and during the activity tourists will see and learn about some typical formations of the glaciers such as crevisses, seracs, drains, small lagoons, deep blues, not to mention experiencing a unique adventure in one of the most stunning places on Earth. The ice surface is irregular, but firm and totally safe. After the trekking, we come back to the shelter through a lushy Andean forest. Departures are daily and participants are assisted all the time by specialized mountain guides. The ship gets as close as possible to the south wall of the glacier in oder to obtain a better perspective.

Trekking is moderate. It is not allowed to people older than 65 or younger than 10, overweight people or those who have serious health issues, or pregnant women.

Take clothes suitable for trekking: sport footwear (better with laces), thick socks, preferably made of wool or cotton. Rubber boots or high heels are not admitted. Sport clothes (long trousers). It is advisable to bring sweatshirt, T-shirt, jackets, fleece jacket, and anorak and waterproof jacket. Sunglasses, suncream and gloves (very important). Also cap or hat if it is cold.

Season: from August to May.

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