Full Day at El Chalten

Full Day at El Chalten

Full Day at El Chalten

per person

From 07.30 am a Bilingual Guide from our Staff will start the pick up of passengers at the Hotels.

After travellilng some 30km towards East, we will take the Mythical Route 40 northwards bordering during most part of the trip, the eastern bank of Lake Argentino and the coasts of Santa Cruz River, then we will encounter River La Leona which gives its name to the Hotel os Estancia La Estela. There we will make a stop to know a little more about the history of La Leona Hotel where you will be able to enjoy a hot infusión along with the reknown homemade cakes.

After that we will set off to El Chaltén, beginning to border Lake Viedma, we make photographic stops throughout the trip in order to enjoy the mountain landscapes and get panoramic views of Glaciar Viedma and Hills Chaltén and Torre.

By 11.00 am we will reach Harbor Bahia Tunel: there the passengers to take the tour Viedma Ice Trek will get off the bus.

The rest of the group will continue to El Chaltén, those who make the trekking to Laguna Capri will descend. Once inside the Nacional Park Los Glaciares, the forest rangers will welcome us and give us a talk about El Chaltén, the national capital of Trekking.

The group that makes Viedma Light continues until Chorillo del Salto.

Option A: Trekking to Laguna Capri

Price per person: USD 200

Those who have chosen this trekking to the lagoon, will be accompagnied by specialized mountain guides Of. The area.

It is a trekking that will take approximately 2 hours and a distance to be covered of 7 KM, where the first km have a middle difficulty since they have a steep slope, that is why the trekking is not allowed for:

People with Heart problems.

People with problems of spine, ankles or knees.

People who have recently had a surgery.

People suffering from vertigo.

Pregnant women.

Children under 10 years old.

In case os suffering some kind of allergy (insect bites, dust, etc) it is recommended to take the usual medication.

During the trekking we can feel part Of. The forest and once arrived at Capri we will have our lunch box and will have time enough to enjoy the magnificent views of mounts Torres, Chaltén, guillomet, the lagoons Mother and Dauther and the marvelous surroundings.

At 15.30 pm we set out the return to El Chaltén town where the bus will be waiting us to start the trip back El Calafate, arriving at the Hotels approximately at 20.00 / 20.30 pm.

Option B: Viedma Light Sailing

Price per person: USD 200

When we arrive at El Chaltén we will go to Chorrillo del Salto, about 4 KM Hawai from town in order to enjoy the landscapes there and the natural Waterfall in the middle of the Mountains: el Chorrillo del Salto.

We will continue until La Tapera Restaurant that awaits us with a delicious and needed lunch.

Recharged our energies we will depart bound for Harbor Bahia Tunel where we will embark and we will turn into the audience of Viedma Glaciar, the biggest glaciar among the 300 ones inside the National Park and the biggest in Argentina.

During 2 hours and 30 minutes of sailing we will be part of a magnificent adventure, enjoying the 40 meters height of the glacier´s blue ice walls.

When finished, our bus will be waiting for us to set out the return to El Calafate, arriving at the Hotels about 20.00 / 20.30 pm.

This tour does not have physical restrictions.

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